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The Road Trip Project:

The Road Trip Project is a European travel experience that will send eight people on four routes throughout the continent between spring and summer 2018.

Four pairs will travel through Europe via different routes in a van. On the road, they will meet locals and experience their way of life, discovering projects that change people’s lives for the better and getting to know unfamiliar places and astonishing scenery.

The four trips will cover the whole continent. The first trip will lead from the Baltics to Berlin, the second from Bavaria to Romania along the Danube River. The third journey will go around the Mediterranean and the fourth from the Atlantic coast in Portugal to the North Sea in Belgium.

While on the road, you can follow the travellers interactively on their social media channels and feel like you are part of the trip. At the end, their unique experience will be made into a road movie and published as an online travel book.

More information can be found here: https://roadtriproject.eu/

Weitere Infos unter: https://roadtriproject.eu/