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The EuroPeer Project:

EuroPeers are young people who have been active in the Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION EU programme and who would like to pass on their experience to other young people. They go to schools, youth clubs or pedestrian areas to tell other youngsters about their experience with Europe. They inform about the Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION programme and about other mobility programmes. They also organise workshops, school lessons or exhibitions around the topic of Europe.

The German Youth for Europe agency developed the Euro Peers project in 2005. Since then, the EuroPeers have grown to be an essential part of the implementation of the Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION programme in Germany and elsewhere.

Why EuroPeers?

• EuroPeers inform other young people about their experience in project work or made abroad. They tell them what possibilities there are to be active in Europe and motivate them to become active themselves.
• With their European experience, they can paint a vivid picture of Europe. They are the living proof that it doesn’t have to be boring to learn about Europe but that it can be a fun experience.
• There are a multitude of different EuroPeers events, ranging from workshops, school lessons and informative events to cultural evenings, street events or exhibitions. EuroPeers organise their events by themselves or are invited as speakers.
• Thanks to these events, EuroPeers continuously increase their own knowledge in areas like project management or the dissemination of European knowledge.
• A study carried out on behalf of the general management for training and culture of the European Commission calls the EuroPeers project a best practice example. To pass on personal experience, to promote the non-formal training programme as well as to motivate in order to find out about the EU in general are regarded as a success.

More information can be found here: https://www.europeers.de/international/