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Erasmus+ is a university programme of the European Union that has been encouraging meetings of students, university lecturers and university personnel from different countries since 1987. All 28 countries of the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Turkey participate in Erasmus+.

After the first year of studies, the Erasmus+ programme enables students to spend between three to 12 months at a foreign host university. It is possible to be sponsored until graduation. Up to now, about two million students and nearly 200,000 lecturers from all over Europe have been able to experience a stay abroad.

Erasmus+ has the following advantages


·         Exemption of tuition fees

 One advantage of the ERASMUS+ Programme is that there are no tuition fees to be paid at the host university. The base to that are cooperation contracts between institutes/faculties the home and host university

 ·         Mobility grant

 This funding supports mobility. It aims to compensate the expenses that emerge while studying abroad: The funding varies depending on the State and year of studies.

 ·         Recognition of degree

 The academic work done at the partner university is approved by the host university in the “Transcript of Records”. The majority of Europe’s universities are using the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

 ·         Going abroad several times with Erasmus+

 Since the academic year of 2014/15 student can participate more than once in the programme. For each part of studies (BA /MA / PhD) you are allowed to 12 months of funding (studies as well as internships).

Students studying in the Bachelor / Master system are also allowed to fully benefit from the programme’s funding more than once.


More information: https://www.erasmusplus.org.uk/