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Dear children

My name is Christian Ehler. I am a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and I represent the German federal state of Brandenburg as a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels for over 16 years.
For me, the topics of culture & creativity, energy, research & innovation and digital are at the center of my political work.
I know Europe is big and the European Union is complex – but actually not complicated at all! On this platform, I would like to give you the opportunity to quickly and easily learn the most important things about the European Union (EU).

Have fun browsing, learning and discovering all about the European Union!

EXPLAINER VIDEOS: A day with Europe with the Lehmann family from Brandenburg:

The EU has 27 member states. These states work very closely together. So, they decide together on laws, rules and agreements. This has made, among other things, business and trade, travel, work and study within these states of the EU much easier and cooperation more peaceful. Germany has 96 of 705 seats in the European Parliament. I represent the federal state of Brandenburg in this European Parliament. The European Union strongly promotes and supports Brandenburg in a wide variety of areas, such as education and research projects, regional development, the cultural and creative sector, and environmental projects. In the following learning videos, parts 1, 2 and 3, you will find out exactly what this looks like and what opportunities and possibilities it offers for the people of Brandenburg:

A day with Europe with the Lehmann family from Brandenburg:

Horizon Europe

The European Union improves our lives in many areas. For example, the new EU innovation programme HORIZON Europe: With a total of 95 billion euros, it supports European cutting-edge technologies so that our research and economy remain competitive and generate new global innovations. Our interns asked themselves how exactly this funding programme works and created a short explainer video answering all your questions. Enjoy!


Which countries are actually members of the EU? Why was the EU founded and what is its purpose? How is it organized and who runs it?

The learning platforms “Lernecke” and “Mundo” provide a lot of information about the European Union and Europe that you can use in all school subjects.

Solve puzzles, take a quiz or put together a puzzle, paint, play games and test your knowledge about the European Union.


Here you can find out more:

Learning Corner | Learning Corner (europa.eu)


Europe is creative – and so are you! Take part in the 68th European Competition – the oldest and, with 85,000 participants each year, also one of the most renowned school competitions in Germany. The European Competition encourages you and your class to deal with Europe in a creative and artistic way. The aim is to strengthen the idea of Europe. All students from the 1st grade of elementary school to vocational schools can participate. You have the chance to win many great prizes. Entries can be submitted until mid-March 2021.

Further information and registration can be found here:

European Competition – Europe at School | Europäischer Wettbewerb (europaeischer-wettbewerb.de)

What does the President of the European Parliament do?

Find out about the role and the functions of the President of the European Parliament in our short video.

The President is elected every two-and-a-half years to chair plenary sessions, oversee Parliament’s activities and represent the institution in legal matters and in relations with other bodies.

What are EU values?

What are the six core values the European Union is based upon and how do they translate into our daily lives?