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Personal insights: Zdravko Radeljic-Jakic

The European Union is close to the heart of every true European, especially of those who are aware of its importance for the peace-building process on European soil in the 20th century. The EU has not remained limited only to the economic and cultural sphere, since it has even become an important factor through the expansion of its competencies in political processes and by decision-making on various problems. Therefore surges my interest in studying the EU policy framework. As a result, doing an internship at the Office of Dr. Ehler was a matter of course.

The decision to apply for an internship in the office of MEP Dr. Christian Ehler was met in early 2021. The whole process went very quickly. After submitting the application documents, I received an answer within a few days about the possible assignment in the Brussels office of Dr. Ehler. This was followed by an interview to get to know each other better and to explain the tasks waiting on me during the internship. What made a good impression on me, was the fact that after the confirmation of acceptance, all employees were available to familiarize and incorporate me within the working areas.

In times of the corona pandemic, the internship was carried out online on the Internet. Under normal circumstances, I would have been able to enjoy my internship in the capital of Belgium and the EU, Brussels. The quick organization and successful adjustment of everyday work to online mode enabled me to fully experience the activities and challenges arising from the internship, completing them as expected. I have been entrusted with numerous tasks. This mainly included incorporation in the institutional fields of the European Union and in everyday political life between institutions, representatives, interest groups as also numerous organizations and stakeholders. In practice, it is the participation and follow-up of meetings of the European Parliament or sessions of the committees responsible for different areas as well as the content-related summary of the discussions in a variety of fields: border security of the EU, EU financial framework 2021-2027, student programs in times of pandemic as well as the issues of education and culture at the EU level.

The modern perspectives also bring new questions with them. The implementation of the European Green New Deal promotes quick comprehension, especially in the areas of digitization and innovations. Therefore, media tracking, reporting and analysis of new trends in these branches were a part of everyday life. In addition, Dr. Ehler is also a member of the Committee for Industry, Research and Energy. As a politician, he is particularly committed to the Brandenburg region in the areas of energy and research, since the Brandenburg region will become one of the most affected areas due to the coal phase-out process according to the Lausitz Initiative. The study and practical experience in these areas have increasingly deepened my theoretical knowledge, especially the questions of financing and the design of the prerequisites for a successful transition to a future-oriented green economy.

Therefore, I would like to thank Dr. Ehler, his employees and my fellow interns for making the internship a reality in a positive, challenging, instructive and exciting way. I was able to gain new knowledge, get to know other people, strengthening at the same time the understanding and importance of the future of Europe.

Zdravko Radeljic-Jakic

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