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Personal insights: Rahel Strupp

An internship at the European Parliament is something special. When you enter the building through its glass doors, it’s like arriving in a new dimension. You hear foreign languages everywhere; you are among Members of Parliament who you have seen on TV. You see visitor groups, lobbyists, and technicians who make sure that everything functions smoothly. Very quickly, you get used to unobtrusively making your way through the television cameras and studios that the Members of the European Parliament use for multimedia broadcasts.

Everywhere, there are posters for upcoming events for which you can easily register. The topics range from women’s rights to cyber security. The events are often followed by a networking lunch or dinner. Jackpot!

As I said, the European Parliament is really a unique place with a unique atmosphere and it is difficult to remove yourself from it. I mean that quite literally as I desperately tried to find the right exit for about 10 minutes after my first day of work!

As an intern, life is never boring. Work is in line with the current agendas of the various commissions or current world events. The Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Christian Ehler, is active in many commissions, inter-groups and delegations, so usually there is too much work rather than too little. The atmosphere in the office is great, and there is a lot of laughter. Even when the boss is present!

Dr. Ehler has not just impressed me with his extraordinary know-how and charisma but also with his humour and honesty, character traits that help the public enjoy his numerous events and conferences. For example, in a room full of representatives from art and culture, he once stated rather drily that, as a grey-haired and slightly overweight Christian Democrat in a suit, he might at first sight not seem to be the right person to meet the challenges of exactly that domain…

That’s Christian Ehler. His meticulously-planned agenda asks for full commitment at any time of the day, a day which very often ends in the late hours of the evening. This commitment and power have definitely shown me that he is a person who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get going.

Thank you very much for this great experience!

Rahel Strupp, Brandenburg an der Havel

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