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Personal insights: Martin Schulze

When I got my confirmation for an internship from April to June 2018 in the deputy office of Dr. Christian Ehler in Brussels, I was very happy about it. I de-cided to do an internship in the European Parliament in order to expand my knowledge in international administration while getting to know the political work of Mr. Ehler. This was very important for me because I belong to the con-stituency of Mr. Ehler and wanted to learn how the future development, among other things in the Lausitz (region in Brandenburg) can be designed and supported.

When it went to the “European Capital” in the middle of April, I was already full of expectations and tension at the same time. In the first few days, I had time to get to know the office and two other interns and get to know with the daily tasks. In the office, where Claudia, Nina, Talita and Freya work, is a very pleas-ant working atmosphere.

In the second week there were a lot of exciting meetings that I visited. Among other things, I attended a meeting of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) – one of the EU’s main committees. I also became aware of the breadth of the tasks. In the committee, I pursued discussions on various top-ics: from the European digital single market to the future energy policy, which also plays a central role in Brandenburg.

Other tasks included research on different political areas and the creation of briefings. Primarily I worked in the fields of research and innovation, but I was able to expand my knowledge about the structural change in the constituen-cy and the cooperation between Berlin and Brandenburg. I prepared a presentation for the MEP and I also attended meetings with key representa-tives of the regions.

My personal highlight in Brussels was the Intern Day with Dr. Ehler. I had a whole day to accompany him to various events. For example, the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany hosted a panel discussion on the new HorizonEurope program, the world’s largest research framework program. As rapporteur and shadow rapporteur on the two-part HorizonEu-rope program, Mr Ehler was involved in the discussion on the future direction. At these events you also have the opportunity to experience prominent politi-cians as speakers. Highlights were the budget speech of Mr. Günther Oettinger and a contribution to research of Mr. Jürgen Rüttgers.

But outside of parliamentary work there is also a lot to do in Brussels. I can high-ly recommend the “Plux” on Thursday evening, which is located directly in front of the parliament. Employees and interns meet here for after-work beer and exchange views on political topics. But the city of Brussels is also very exciting with its beautiful architectural highlights, such as the market square in the old town or the many neo-gothic buildings, and offers many sights and nightlife options

My internship in the European Parliament was unique and a great experience. It offers the opportunity to experience politics and legislative procedures be-hind the scenes and to participate in the parliamentary work. The structural change in the Lausitz, my home region, will continue to be supported by EU funds in the coming decades. I was pleased to be able to work in the deputy office.

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