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Personal insights: Laura Krömer

With the purpose of researching the Europe’s creative industries policies for my employer at home and full of eager curiosity, I have started my two months “internship” in the European Parliament in the “capital of Europe”. In the office of MEP Christian Ehler, I did not only have the possibility to get to know the processes and procedures of the EU and especially the Parliament, but at the same time to experience the work of the members of the European Parliament (MEP) and their assistants first hand.

After passing through the security controls – from now on my daily routine – on my first day, I immediately got the chance to attend a plenary sitting. Afterwards I made myself familiar with all of the parliament’s buildings – a whole little world for themselves. As I learned really fast, their interconnectedness and gigantic extend would still create quite some orientation problems and long ways for me. From the first moment on, I was impressed by the international atmosphere and enthusiasm of the people within the parliament for the EU.

On my first days in the parliament, I tried to familiarize myself with the parliamentary procedures as well as with the topic of “cultural and creative industries”, a topic Mr. Ehler is dedicated to and promotes with the work of the Intergroup.

I spent the following days mostly researching different EU support programs for the Cultural and Creative Industries as well as meeting EU-staff responsible for these. At all times I received full support from the office for my work. Apart from my main focus, I had the opportunity to attend different conferences and appointments especially concerning cultural heritage and copyright. I also got to know the daily work routine of the office of a MEP. I was fortunate as the time of my internship fell into the time of the negotiations for the Multiannual Financial Framework Program for 2021 was prepared.

I will always think back to my exciting time at the European Parliament and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to do this placement for two months.

After primarily being overwhelmed by all of these impressions and the information, I collected, I had the great opportunity to learn about the parliament and the office procedures, which are characterized by constantly shifting daily routine. The day I enjoyed the most was my “intern day”, on which I could follow Mr. Ehler a whole day to every appointment.

From the first day onwards I felt very comfortable and welcome in the kind atmosphere of the office and I want to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity.

Laura Krömer, Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

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