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Personal insights: Fabian Rauers

My internship at Mr Ehler’s office in the European Parliament coincided with the severe restrictive measures taken by the ministry of interior following the Corona pandemic, which gave me a first impression of “leaping into the unknown.” However, the staff in the office had already enough experience to take me by the hand and to introduce new interns smoothly and comprehensively to the tasks and their processing, as well as their requirements and expectations. Working from home limited the experience partially, as my colleagues were very helpful and always available for questions and feedback. The broad spectrum of interesting topics and the types of tasks fascinated me right from the beginning. One would quickly notice which activities are particularly convenient and where one should specifically improve. I have assumed responsibility right from the start, and I integrated myself easily within the working team.

Working virtually is of course a challenge and differs from the “normal” everyday office routine. Nevertheless, it also has some advantages like participating in international events online and working with a flexible schedule while remaining in touch with the office team. The creation and editing of documents and texts can take place synergistically via “live editing” programs and one can quickly get around conversation with colleagues via video or audio call. In addition, Mr Ehler meets with us regularly to exchange ideas, provide exciting insights and talk about everyday European politics (especially in the current virtual framework).

I am very much grateful for the support and serious work of the office team in Potsdam, as well as for the opportunity they offer to young interns to participate in framing European policies. The colleagues from the office in Brussels were also always happy to answer my questions and provide me with different ideas. It was an overarching, satisfactory and very enlightening experience – even under Corona conditions – because one could somehow observe the measures taken to combat the pandemic being enforced, most interestingly in connection with the economic reconstruction and the long-term priorities of the EU, as well as the technical adaptation of other institutions, Think Tanks and NGOs.

Fabian Rauers, Potsdam 2021

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