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Personal insights: Elisabeth Muhle

My internship in the Office of Dr. Christian Ehler

I started my internship in the European Parliament in mid-February and stayed until the end of April. Working in the European Parliament has always excited me because I learned a lot about European politics through my Governance and Public Policy studies. Accordingly, I wanted to gain some practical experience through an internship with a member of the EU-parliament.

My areas of responsibility during the internship were attending events on the topics of digitization, artificial intelligence, transatlantic relations and Brexit, and writing articles about them. I also attended various group meetings and working groups, about which I also created remarks. During my time in the Office of Dr. Ehler, I even drafted responses to some citizen inquiries, helped with the preparation of his appointments, researched and translated texts on the subject of “Horizon Europe” and Artificial Intelligence, helping at the same time with planning and organization of a Dr. Ehler initiated the “Creative Week” event.

One day during my internship I had the opportunity to spend the entire day going along with Dr. Ehler and to take part in all his events and meetings – the so-called “Internship Day”. In addition to parliamentary groups and group meetings, I had the opportunity that day, among other things, to take part in a meeting between ITRE coordinators and the Commission and a meeting between Mr. Ehler and the chairman of TPN. I found both incredibly interesting and gave me an insight into the diversity of the work of a parliamentarian. On that day I also learned how stressful the job of a member of parliament is and how European politics are really operated.

During my time in the European Parliament, I learned a lot, not only about the work of the European Union, but also a lot about myself and how I learn to work more efficiently.

I thank Dr. Ehler and his office for the exciting time and the chance to be part of their team for a while.

Elisabeth Muhle

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