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Personal insights: David Glanc

It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of the European Parliament. This was already clear to me when I first visited the Parliament in Brussels with my school. After a year of anticipation, it finally started at the beginning of September 2018 in Brussels.

Daily routine

 working day usually starts at 09:30 a.m. in the office, where us interns get tasks from the assistants and discuss the tasks for the day. After that, we usually go to the library, where the main workplace is located, as there is not enough space in the office for all interns. However, working in the library is very pleasant because there are also interns from the other offices there and you can easily help each other. Of course, the assistants in the office are always available for the interns.


The tasks in the office are very diverse. Since Mr. Ehler is active in many different areas, there was a wide range of topics, so that each intern has the opportunity to contribute according to their own interests. I mainly worked on the topic of research and innovation, namely the Horizon Europe Programme. My tasks ranged from research and detailed briefings to preparations for meetings. As Mr. Ehler is the rapporteur for Horizon Europe Programme, I had the opportunity to get a deep insight into the legislative process of the Parliament.

A highlight of my internship was certainly an interview for Mr. Ehler’s website on the topic of copyright. Together with my fellow intern Luca, we came up with questions and then recorded a 20-minute interview at the Parliament’s TV studio with Mr. Ehler. I had never done anything like this before, so it was an all the more exciting experience!

The atmosphere in the office was always very friendly and the assistants were always available when I had problems or questions. This made it much easier to get used to the sometimes very demanding workflow.

Overall, I can look back on a very informative and intensive time in Brussels. In addition to expanding my skills, I was able to experience the political process in Brussels intensively and be part of a great team for 3 months. I am very grateful for this and I look back on this time with pleasure!

David Glanc

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