The European Union has announced that the United Kingdom will be excluded from certain parts of the satellite navigation system Galileo due to Brexit. Following this announcement, Dr. Christian Ehler, EPP Co-Coordinator in the ITRE has expressed his deep concerns:

“Although the technical and structural characteristics in which Brexit supporters have brought the United Kingdom into this situation are always astonishing, I perceive the continued participation of the UK in the security system of Galileo as indispensable.”

“Through its partaking in the construction and the funding of Galileo the UK has acquired rights to fully be in the EU’s shared satellite system. Complex shared security considerations between the EU and the UK make aggressions from both sides seem rather absurd”.

“In this query there is definitely a reasonable solution for the upholding of British engagement. Banning the UK would, first of all, jeopardize the EU’s and the UK’s security system, secondly, it would mean another invitation for Vladimir Putin to question Europe’s defence capabilities, and thirdly, it would raise our dependence on the rather exotic security approach of the Trump administration.”

“Finally, let us not forget the negative repercussions for the UK and EU industries. Figures show that the sector represents 40,000 jobs and 14 billion pounds in turnover only in Britain.”