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Us for Brandenburg

In the European Parliament I represent Brandenburg and I am responsible for making sure that the wishes and interests of Brandenburg’s citizens are looked after in Europe. In my work I try, on one hand, to strengthen Brandenburg within the EU, for example to reinforce the support for its infrastructures and research with EU funding. On the other hand, I want to bring a part of Europe to Brandenburg with the EU’s Erasmus program, for example.

It is of great importance to me that the European Idea, especially in the times of disinformation and Fake-News, is well understood and the EU’s work is comprehensibly explained. In the course of globalization, there are many tasks and challenges which we have to face together. The European Union supports us to create a strong Brandenburg.

Structural change comes along with demographic change and the energy transition will be one of the big challenges for Brandenburg in the future. But Brandenburg does not have to cope with them alone. The EU has supported our state since 1990 with numerous funding schemes out of the European Structural and Investment Funds. The rural areas, regional development and in a larger extend, the educational institutions are funded by the EU via these funds. Every room and centre for the 10th grade and higher in Brandenburg schools have been paid with EU resources. We need a strategy for a long-term, structural change especially for affected regions, like Lausitz. The support coming from Brussels is one part of the successful implementation as well as the realistic planning. The integration of the citizens is the other part. To coordinate both components effectively and with one another, I am in close contact with the key people in charge.

The creative and cultural industry (CCI) is another area where I’m active and from which Brandenburg can profit. Next to Potsdam Babelsberg as the creative industry’s lighthouse in Brandenburg there are a lot more enterprises, initiatives and people who are active in this field and whom we want to support. The EU is really helpful with the networking of single sectors and enterprises within Europe. Especially in the creative and cultural industry, which develops really quickly, it is of great importance to exchange with European partners to learn from each other and to realize joint (research-) projects with bundled resources. Also, the European Union can help, via Horizon 2020, to provide financial aid and boost the existing structures and enterprises. To bring this support to Brandenburg and to strengthen our creative and cultural industry significantly, I am an active member of the ITRE-commission and the CCIs intergroup.

Another point, concerning first of all the young people in Brandenburg, is the already mentioned EU-Erasmus Program. Students from Brandenburg can pass a whole semester abroad in universities all over Europe and get financial support from the EU. The participants can expand their languages skills, get a new vision of their studies and create international friendships. Through this inner-European student exchange the confidence in Europe grows and creates better consciousness as well as understanding for our continent’s cultural diversity. Favourable for students, Europe and Brandenburg.

Also, the European Union sees with the Horizon 2020 program that the innovation and competitiveness of Brandenburg’s economy continues to grow and that Brandenburg as an area for research continues attracting interest. As the program’s EPP draftsperson, I intensively liaise with representatives of Brandenburg’s industry and research and innovation actors. Brandenburg will profit a lot from Horizon Europe, for example the universities of Brandenburg are connecting themselves more and more with other European academic institutions. They participate in collaborative research projects within Europe or initiate such projects themselves. Brandenburg’s industry is also well supported by the Horizon 2020 program and has a huge potential, in cooperation with research actors and the creative industry, to become one of Europe’s sources of innovation.

As you can see, Europe has a lot to offer to our beautiful region. A lot more than I can show you here. Nevertheless I hope to have given you a small impression of my work and my European engagement.