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Potsdam is known for its castles and lakes, for its beautiful parks and cosy strolling promenades in the old city. And people from Potsdam are rightly proud of that. Did you know that there is internationally prestigious research site in the western part of the city? In Golm there are meeting different research directions each other: from Bio-Technology to gravitational Physics

The EU contributes to it: Since 1990 the EU has invested 110 Million Euro in the development of this district. Since then big research institutions like the Max-Planck-Institute and the Fraunhofer-Institute have settled down in Golm and created 3000 new jobs.

Like this, a part of world-class research can remain “Made in Potsdam” forever.

Also the nature park Stechlin-Ruppiner Land is one of the most beautiful countryside in Brandenburg, consisting of 180 lakes and a lot of forest on two thirds of the area.

Rheinsberg, Lindow, Neuruppin, Gransee and Wittstock/Dosse are cities with a historical city centre, which one can visit in the area. To get on a boat and to explore the area from the water, pleases not only Brandenburgers, but also tourists: camping, biking and hiking around the lakes brings visitors back to the countryside.

So that everyone can find their way around on the water, the EU supported the implementation of a guidance system for canoe tourists and other water tourists between 2008 and 2015 with 77,418 euros from the European Fund for Rural Development.
Where do I pitch the tent? Where can I rent a boat? And where do I get into the water anyway? The guidance system reveals this: It informs about camping sites, rental stations, entry and exit points, sights and shopping facilities as well as about gastronomy and nature conservation.

Incidentally, the EU is investing in Potsdam and the whole of Brandenburg in many other areas, such as culture and education. Between 2014 and 2020, the state of Brandenburg will have around 846 million euros from various EU sources at its disposal.

Further information on EU funding in Brandenburg can be found at: