EU Parliament supports Europe’s creators
“YouTube, Google & Co. have lost the battle: today’s vote on the Copyright Directive clearly demonstrates that the European Parliament is highly supportive of Europe’s creators – despite being confronted with the biggest lobbying campaign the European Parliament has ever faced/experienced”.” Dr. Christian Ehler MEP (CDU/EPP), Chairman of the Intergroup “Cultural and Creative Industries” in the European Parliament, is pleased with the outcome of the vote.

In the end, the majority vote was overwhelming. In Dr. Ehler’s words: “Thankfully, in the long run to this vote, we can see that copyright protection and the livelihood for European artists is not lost. After all, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the preservation and development of European culture in a fair and balanced way. The compromise found ensures a balance of interests between creators, consumers and exploiters. The report by Axel Voss, provides an excellent basis for negotiations with the Council and the Commission.”