Since July 2015, the European Parliamentary Research Service has been producing informative, timely and varied podcasts. The podcasts fall into three categories.

Policy Podcasts

Listen to EPRS policy podcasts for an in-depth analysis of topical EU policy areas, based on objective, authoritative and independent research. These policy podcasts examine the current situation, stakeholder views, criticisms and next steps. They highlight the role of the European Parliament and offer an overview of the core issues at stake.

Science and Technology Podcasts

These punchy and thought-provoking podcasts report on the latest science & technology developments, analysing their policy implications and looking at the impact they could have on our lives. Most of them are based on EPRS’s ‘What If’ series of publications.

What Europe does for you Podcasts

Tune in to our 60 SECONDS podcasts to find out how the European Union impacts your daily life. What does Europe do for people in your profession or who share your interests? What does Europe do for you?