Digital conference on July 6, 2021, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. More courage to change


The conference “The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft” will bring together international experts as part of the Frankfurt Fashion Week on July 6, 2021 to redefine the future of the European fashion and textile industry on the basis of the Green Deal.

The negative impact of fashion and textile production on our environment is immense. The dyeing and finishing of textiles alone is responsible for around 20 percent of global water pollution (source: EEA) and causes 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (source: EPRS). In order to initiate or accelerate processes of rethinking and change, Fashion Council Germany, as a partner of the “New European Bauhaus” movement of the European Union, invites international experts to demonstrate and discuss new solutions. The conference will be a platform for designers, politicians, teachers, retailers, textile manufacturers, artists and scientists who have a common goal: To unite good design, sustainability and inclusion.

„Our study on the status of the German fashion and textile industry has shown that it contributes around 66 billion euros to the gross domestic product. This means that fashion is a serious factor in comparison with other sectors of the economy. It is therefore time to work out concrete solutions that will lead Germany, together with the other fashion locations in the EU, into a sustainable future – a future in which fashion is fun again with a clear conscience.“ / Scott Lipinski, CEO Fashion Council Germany

The conference speakers list counts 57 industry experts, including:

– Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Comission
– Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, European Comission, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
– Lucie & Luke Meier, Creative Directors Jil Sander
– Michael Kliger, CEO Mytheresa
– Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Climate scientist of the Podsdamer Institut for Climate Impact Research
– Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Innovation des London College of Fashion
– Johann König, Gallery owner König Galerie
– William Fan, Designer
– Nadja Swarovski, Chairwoman of the Swarovski Foundation & Board Member Swarovski
– Jeanne De Kroon, Founder Zazi Vintage
– René Storck, Creative Director and Founder
– Adebayo Oke-Lawal, CEO Orange Culture
– Cloudy Zakrocki, Digital Media Expert & Founder Hand in Hand
– Thomas Willemeit, Founding Partner GRAFT
– Pascal Morand, Executive President der Fédération française de la couture
– Caroline Rush, CEO British Fashion Council
– Carlo Capasa, President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
– Christiane Arp, President of Fashion Council Germany

In order to reach out to industry players across Europe, the conference will also unite the European Fashion Councils for the first time and formulate key issues to be addressed to politics, business and consumers.

„We want to demonstrate Germany’s strength in action as an important fashion location and bundle creative ideas and the know-how of industry experts at EU level in order to reach companies and consumers.“, Marie-Louise Berg, Executive Member of Fashion Council Germany and Founder Berg Communications Berlin.

The participants of the conference discuss and solve at the same time: Can sustainable fashion be fashionable? How can new technologies and innovations help us to get closer to this goal? How should educational pathways be designed to enable fashion designers to contribute to the change? How do we reach consumers and set trends? And what about cooperation with other countries?

Registration is now open at The programme including the topics and speakers can also be found on the website.