Dr. Christian Ehler MEP promotes the proposal on the copyright reform of Axel Voss MEP to support and protect Europe´s creative industry.

“We should not get intimidated by Ms. Reda´s polemic social media campaign. Instead of working on balanced solutions she is running an unilateral propaganda campaign that will ultimately only benefit the Googles of this world”. This is the firm conviction of Dr. Christian Ehler MEP (CDU/EPP) who, as the Chairman of the Intergroup “Cultural and Creative Industries”, stands up for a fair and balanced legal framework.

During last week´s JURI vote the Committee averted everything that would have endangered the rights of the European cultural and creative industry. “Ms. Reda´s claims are just empty phrases without any foundation”, says Ehler. “The proposal by rapporteur Axel Voss does not result in any censorship of the freedom of expression, create a “Linktax” or affect “Memes”. Ms. Reda’s suspicion that Springer is pulling the strings behind the scenes, is not only fueling the public debate, but is also complete nonsense”, criticized Ehler.
Next week, the JURI draft will go to plenary. “Now more than ever it is important to support the proposal of Axel Voss”, highlights Ehler. “Voss’ proposal is protecting our unique cultural and creative economic sector: authors, designers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and many more.”