Agenda briefing plenary session from the 14th to the 17th of July 2014 in Strasbourg

  • Parliament is set to vote by secret ballot on the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President on Tuesday at 12.30, following a debate with the political group leaders and MEPs, starting at 10.00.

  • EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht will brief the new Parliament Tuesday on progress in Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks with the USA. MEPs are set to ask how the Commission is meeting the conditions set by Parliament when it approved the opening of the TTIP talks over a year ago.

  • Recommendations on how to tackle youth unemployment in the EU will be voted at noon on Wednesday, following a debate with Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner László Andor.

  • Plans to withdraw a draft EU directive on maternity leave, after four years’ deadlock in the Council, will be debated on Tuesday in the light of EU Commission and Council statementsy. MEPs amended the first draft in October 2010 to extend maternity leave from 14 to 20 weeks on full pay and introduce two weeks’ paternity leave.

  • Lithuania’s bid to join the Eurozone next year will be debated by MEPs on Tuesday and put to a vote on Wednesday. Parliament’s draft resolution, which first needs to be approved by the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee on Monday, “endorses the adoption of the euro by Lithuania on 1 January 2015”, as advocated by the European Commission and confirmed by the European Council on 27 June.

  • Four candidate EU Commissioners, nominated to replace those who left to become MEPs, will be given committee hearings on Monday. The four, who are to serve for the rest of the Commission’s current term, are Jyrki Katainen (Finland), Ferdinando Nelli Feroci (Italy) Martine Reicherts (Luxembourg) and Jacek Dominik (Poland). The full house will vote on their appointments on Wednesday morning.