Agenda briefing plenary session from the 11th November 2015 in Brussels

  • European elections should be fought with formally endorsed EU-wide lead candidates for the European Commission Presidency, says a draft “parliamentary legislative initiative” to be put to the vote on Wednesday, following up the debate on 27 October. These candidates should stand in the elections themselves and be formally nominated at least 12 weeks before the elections, it adds.

  • On Wednesday afternoon, MEPs will debate zero rating, a practice used by some internet firms to promote certain content, services or apps by not charging consumers for using them. Some MEPs worry that zero rating can restrict competition or market access for new operators. Others argue that zero rating can generate investment in networks as well as economic and social benefits.

  • MEPs are expected on Wednesday to urge member states to fulfil their pledges and pay for the EU migration actions that have been agreed by EU leaders. The Commission said on 6 November that the new trust funds set up for Syria and Africa are short of €2.22 billion in national contributions expected from member states.

  • Parliament will debate ways to boost the EU’s air transport economy while upholding high safety and social standards on Wednesday afternoon. It will vote at 19.00 on a set of recommendations intended to feed into the Commission’s forthcoming aviation package.