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EPP group

I am a member of the European People’s Party, EPP, (Christian Democrats), the biggest party of the European Parliament. In total, the EPP is represented by more than 40 political parties from all 28 EU member states, combining the political forces of the Centre and Centre Right. Within the parliamentary group, there are task forces for technical coordination as well as national delegations. The CDU/CSU group is the biggest national group with 29 MPs. Due to the high number of group members, it is necessary to meet on many occasions each week to discuss all topics that are of interest and to reach a common position. The CDU/CSU group also meets away from the political group to discuss current political subjects and to align the next steps of action.

Chairman of the EPP group is Manfred Weber, a Member of the European Parliament. He chairs the group board and is its spokesman during important debates in the European Parliament. He is supported by coordinators in each parliamentary committee and by the chairmen of those national delegations represented in the group. A group secretariat is responsible for the political and organisational support of the group.
Being the biggest parliamentary group, the EPP is able to make an impact on European legislation. The strength of the group is reflected in the fact that since 1999, the EPP has won more plenary sessions and has been in charge of more reporting than any other group
More information on the work of the EPP can be found on the group’s website: https://www.eppgroup.eu/de/home