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Dr. Christian Ehler

Remarkable man. Creative mind. Versatile interests. Someone who makes a difference – say those who know him well. Dedicated. Convincing. Always committed. A visionary – think those who follow his work. See for yourself. Welcome to the website of Dr. Christian Ehler.


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EPRS Podcasts

EPRS Podcasts

Since July 2015, the European Parliamentary Research Service has been producing informative, timely and varied podcasts. The podcasts fall into three categories. Policy Podcasts Listen to EPRS policy podcasts for an in-depth analysis of topical EU policy areas, based...

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All materials such as audio, photos and videos can be found in the media library.

Plenary session: Sitting of 05-10-2021, The future of EU-US relations (debate)

New Cohesion policy 2021-2027

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the Commission proposes to modernise Cohesion Policy, the EU’s main investment policy and one of its most concrete expressions of solidarity.

What is energy?

A series of 5 short, animated videos about various aspects of energy have been released by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy.

New: Faces of Europe

Silke Daton, Beraterin der EVP-Fraktion für den Ausschuss für Industrie, Forschung und Energie (ITRE) im Europäischen Parlament

Detailarbeit im Hintergrund der Abgeordneten In der Hoffnung, mehr über den Gesetzgebungsprozess und die Ausschussarbeit zu erfahren und eine begeisterte Europäerin zu treffen, begebe ich mich in das Gespräch für diesen Artikel. Nicht weniger als das, kann Silke...

Johannes Haenicke, Pressesprecher der CDU/CSU-Gruppe im Europäischen Parlament

Schnell, präzise und vielseitig Johannes Haenicke ist so nah am Puls des europäischen Politikbetriebs wie kaum ein anderer. Als Pressesprecher der CDU/CSU-Gruppe in der EVP-Fraktion im Europäischen Parlament beschäftigt er sich tagtäglich mit der Europapolitik. Er...

Marinus van Greuningen, Head of Service at European Parliament, People Transport Unit

With a lot of dedication and the perfect timing Unlike me, Marinus van Greuningen is not working completely from home, but prefers to be available at the scene of action. Curiously, I wait for the moment when van Greuningen, who is responsible for the drivers and the...

Stina Sandgren, former interpreter at the European Parliament

Bridging language barriers For most of us, learning just one foreign language is difficult enough. Stina Sandgren, an experienced interpreter at the European Parliament (EP), speaks about half a dozen of the EU’s 24 official languages. Talking with her on WebEx, I...

Axel Heyer, Coordinator at the Visitors´ Service of the European Parliament

Europe is his message   You don’t have to see Axel Heyer to feel the spark. In early summer, while a pandemic is raging over the world, the 53-year old civil servant makes me smile just seconds after the phone call starts. In the conversation that follows, he...

Sajikumar Karunakaran, IT specialist at the European Parliament

Enabling Connections When I reach Mr. Sajikumar Karunakaran, 45, it’s half an hour before he has to go on duty for the plenary elections. The IT specialist from Düsseldorf is quite busy on election days at the European Parliament. Still, he manages to find the time to...

When you think about the European Parliament, what comes to mind? Perhaps imposing glass facades, glittering in the sunlight. Or maybe you think of an assembly of flags or well-dressed politicians rushing determinedly through spacious corridors. All these things can be found in the democratic heart of Europe, and yet there is much more than meets the eye.

 In this series, we’d like to present to you the Faces of Europe. We have interviewed a range of EP employees, from the driving service to the cook. What does Europe mean to an IT guy? How has COVID-19 affected the work of an interpreter? And is there a place where you can play soccer with the EU’s civil servants? Read our interview series to find out! Our new rubric, the Faces of Europe series, is designed to allow you to get an authentic glimpse into the lives of the people whose efforts turn the EP into the lively and efficient institution that it is.

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