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“We need the highest degree of security possible in the European 5G network. Therefore, we cannot allow companies that are under the influence of foreign governments – like, for instance, the Chinese government – to be responsible for the EU’s strategic important 5G network”, said Christian Ehler MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Industry Committee, on today’s communication on 5G from the European Commission.

Without mentioning any company in particular, Ehler continued: „5G technology is a totally new technology, not just an upgrade of 4G, with many opportunities to be used, for example, in the health sector. The technology will underpin the development of Artificial Intelligence. Due to its technical configurations, 5G also comes with an increased security risk which has to be handled by the individual EU Member States.“

“We are in the fortunate situation that the EU has strong technological competences in 5G network technology, we are not behind. On the contrary, the EU has – according to the European Commission – more than 50 per cent of all patents on 5G. We have a strong European platform to build on.”